Careers at SGS Stephens, Inc.

Great People Build a Great Company

At SGS Stephens, Inc., we take pride in our growing organization that has continually proven its excellence in the clinical research field.  Our goal is to attract educated, professional, and committed staff that cares for every detail with the utmost ethical nature.  The Stephens culture strives for innovative improvements without sacrificing quality of study excellence or customer service satisfaction we are known for.

The BEST part of SGS Stephens, Inc. is the PEOPLE!  It’s typical to hear SGS Stephens, Inc. described as a friendly, team-oriented, helpful, and welcoming environment.  For over 30 years, SGS Stephens, Inc. has purposely designed their corporate culture on their founding values which attracts like-minded staff members.


Workplace Culture

  • Integrity: Honest and forthright in everything we do and say with each other, clients and vendor/service providers
  • Innovation: Application of creativity, originality and technology to deliver results
  • Customer Focus: Driven to provide clients timely, high quality and objective services
  • Respect: Respect for each other, clients, study participants, our Company and the regulations under which we operate our business
  • Accountability: Obligation to take responsibility for one’s actions and follow through on one’s commitments
  • Engagement: Provide opportunities for employees to enjoy the workplace and to grow in their careers
  • Team Work: Work together to achieve Company goals with an attitude of respect, receptivity and cooperation

Current Openings

Panelist Recruiter

Location: Richardson, Texas

Type of Employment: Part-Time

Clinical Research Technician

Location: Richardson, Texas

Type of Employment: Part-Time

SGS Stephens is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Out of concern for the health and safety of our employees, we provide a smoke-free work environment.