Eczema Study



Adults and children:

  • Must be willing, or whose parent/legal guardian is willing, to stop using their current body moisturizer/cream and use only the assigned test material to moisturize their body as needed during the study.
  • Must not be using or receiving any treatment or concomitant medication for atopic dermatitis at enrollment and during the study.
  • Must not have used medication or skin moisturizing products to treat eczema in 3 days before first study visit.
  • Must not have a pre-existing noneczematous rash.
  • Who have received phototherapy within 2 weeks prior to inclusion in the study.
  • Cannot currently be participating in another study at Stephens, another research facility or doctor’s office.
  • Cannot have participated on a study at Stephens, another research facility or doctor’s office within the past 2 weeks.


  • Must have a history of Atopic Dermatitis in adulthood AND currently having dry and itchy skin condition due to Atopic Dermatitis.
  • Must have a smartphone to manage daily assessments at specific times relative to product application.


  • Must have moderate atopic dermatitis condition on the body (excluding face), with at least 1 active lesion on the arms, legs, or torso (confirmed by the study dermatologist).
  • Must have a parent or legal guardian who is 18 years of age or older and presents proof of guardianship (eg, insurance card, certificate of residence, or copy of officially issued family registration) at baseline visit.

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