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Do I get paid for my first visit?

Stephens does not compensate people on the first study visit. If you do not qualify for the study we will pay you $20 for your time. That check will be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks. If you qualify and finish for the study, we will make every effort to have a check on your final visit. If the study length is 2 weeks or less, the check may not be available until 2-3 weeks after you complete your visit.

Do I get paid the full amount if I missed a visit?

Some studies we compensate on a per visit basis and some pay per completion of the entire study.  To recive full compensation you must complete all visits.

When will I receive my check?

If you disqualify from the study then you will receive a $20 check in 2-3 weeks by mail. If you qualify and finish a study, we will make every effort to have a check on your final visit. If the study length is 2 weeks or less, the check may not be available until 2-3 weeks after you complete your visit.


What happens during my first visit?

Watch this short video for a look at the first study visit.

What to do if I cannot make my study visit or need to reschedule?

If it is your first visit for a study contact your recruiter to inform them that you are unable to make it. If unable to reach your recruiter call the Stephens office at 972-392-1529. If you are enolled on a study and are unable to make your return appointment, you may call your study coordinator directly on the number listed on your study diary and calendar.

What to bring to the visit?

If it is your first visit please bring a valid photo ID or passport, any products requested by your recruiter, a list of your currently used medications (if applicable), and a great attitude.
If you are enrolled and coming to a return visit, please bring your diary and all test products used on the study.

Where will my visit be located?

Stephens has a TV in the first floor lobby that will direct you where the current day’s studies are located. We have 3 clinics on the 2nd floor (Blue Clinic, Green Clinic, & Red Clinic) and 1 clinic located on the 1st floor.

How long are the visits?

The number of visits and procedures are unique to each study. Your informed consent document goes into detail about the procedures done at each visit and how long the visit will take.


Do you have weekend studies?

Yes, on very rare occasions we do have studies on the weekends.

How often do you get new studies?

This depends upon the time of the year and our clients requests for tests. We keep our website updated daily, so please check the list of studies at or call us at 833-530-7596.

If I refer someone will I get compensated?

Stephens does not have a referral program. On special occasions, we will create referral programs for specific studies.

How long do I have to wait to be on another study?

This depends upon the study requirements but a majority of our studies require a 2-4 week break period before you can participate on another study. The break period for each study is listed on the study page on the website.

I keep applying for studies but was never contacted about participating.

Sometimes we get more people applying than we contact about a study.  It doesn’t mean we don’t want you to particpate! If you do not hear from us within a week, please call us at 833-530-7596 or you can call us right away after you apply.  We are happy to hear from you!


What’s in the product? Is it safe?

If the client provides us with a list of the ingredients we would be happy to show them to you upon request.  We require our clients to perform safety testing prior to us testing them. 

Can we keep the products that we use on a study?

Unfortunately you must return all products at the time you complete a study.


Can I be on multiple studies at once?

You are only allowed to be on 1 study at any given time.