Can I use face cream on my body?

You might also choose a body lotion based on how appealing you find its fragrance — but those fragrances can easily irritate more delicate skin. … That said, while you’ll generally want to avoid using body lotion on your face, using facial cream on your body is probably just fine.

Can we use same moisturizer for face and body?


Facial lotions and creams are light and non-greasy while body moisturizer tends to be dense and greasy. If you apply the thick greasy body lotion on your face, your skin pores would be clogged with oil which will lead to an acne breakout.

Can you use face cream on your hands?

What to do? Use the face cream on your hands instead. … That said, be cautious when applying any moisturizer that contains retinol on your hands, since that could leave sensitive areas (like between the fingers) red and peely. You might want to only apply that on the backs of your hands, and only every other night.

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Can you use hand cream on your body?

Hand creams’ properties are slightly lighter than a body lotion may not work well when applied to our body. It can even result in itching especially if it can provide a decent amount of moisture in the body. … It’s a pretty simple comparison of hand cream versus body lotion, and that they shouldn’t be used alternatingly.

Can you use face Moisturiser on arms?

Face lotion is lighter than hand and body lotion. The skin on the face is more sensitive than the thicker skin on the hand, which also makes it ineffective to use a face moisturizer on your hand and body. Using a facial moisturizer for men should be part of your skincare routine.

Can I use hand cream on my legs?

You can apply both hand lotion and body lotion to anywhere on your body. … Some hand lotions and body lotions can cause acne. You don’t have to buy and use hand lotion just on your hands because the bottle says hand. The same thing goes for body lotion.

Can I use face serum on my body?

Lightweight products meant to provide deeper moisturizing effects, serums take most of the liquid from your traditional moisturizing routine and focus instead on the ingredients your skin absorbs the most. Because they are all-natural products, they are safe to add to your skin care routine for both your face and body.

What is the difference between body cream and hand cream?

One way to tell the difference between cream and lotion is the consistency of the product. Hand creams will be a lot thicker in texture because of their high oil percentage. A body lotion or lotion will be thinner because of the high water content.

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What’s the difference between face lotion and body lotion?

Body lotion tends to address concerns like firming, cellulite, or spider veins, according to cosmetic chemist Ginger King. Face lotions, she says, are typically focused more on pores, dark spots, oiliness, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Can I put face moisturizer on my tattoo?

Yes! Moisturizing your tattoo regularly is extremely important. … A white cream lotion or moisturizer, preferably unscented, should be used! We recommend these fragrance-free, white cream lotions: Aveeno , Curel , and Eucerin .

Can I put body lotion on my neck?

The reason why you should not use your body lotion on the neck is the same why you should not use your body soap on your face : the skin of the face and the neck are wayy more delicate than your body. I would recommend a facial moisturizer for your neck. The skin in that area shows age quickly like your face can.

Can I put lotion on my armpits?

Moisturize Intermittently

In the same ways your face and body crave moisture, your underarms need hydration to look and feel their best. They just don’t need it quite as frequently. Since they are damp, Dr. Zalka recommends using a pH-balanced underarm or body lotion once or twice a week, or more as needed for dryness.

What is the difference between a cream and a lotion?

Simply put, lotions are lighter with more water content and less oil. Creams are heavier, with more oil content and less H20. For example, the Bath & Body Works Ocean Body Lotion is a lightweight body lotion while the brand’s Oasis Ultra Shea Body Cream is a thicker formula that’s infused with rich shea butter.

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