How do you condition a pizza peel?

Should I put mineral oil on pizza peel?

To make a wooden pizza peel last longer you should apply mineral oil. This isn’t strictly necessary, but if you have a nice, good peel that you want to have for a long time, applying oil is a good idea! The benefit of applying mineral oil is that the wood stay hydrated, that prevents warping and cracking.

Should I wash pizza peel?

Wash it every time you use it but not in the traditional sense. You don’t want to soak your wood pizza peel in the sink, as the moisture can cause the material to warp. Instead, use a sanitizing wipe followed up with some mineral oil.

What kind of oil do you use on a wood pizza peel?

Apply a thin layer of food-grade mineral oil to the face of your pizza peel before its first use. This will seal and protect the wood, which makes your pizza peel last longer. Allow the oil to sit until it’s fully soaked into the wood. Do not use olive or vegetable oil, which can become rancid.

How do you break in a wooden pizza peel?

(Think white on rice) Try a wooden peel to put raw pizza into the oven. The wood peel does need a little bit of dry lubrication – an eighth of a teaspoon of semolina flour, or cornmeal, or even regular flour will work. The peel must be absolutely dry – don’t wash a wooden peel before cooking.

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How do you keep pizza from sticking to a pizza stone?

An Excellent Stone for Avoiding Sticky Dough

If you want to prevent your dough from sticking, then your two best friends are flour and cornmeal. These will help form a barrier between the pizza stone and your crust, which will prevent it from sticking!

How do you transfer pizza to a pizza stone?

To easily transfer pizza from a peel to a stone, simply form the dough on a piece of parchment paper and add toppings. Place the pizza (on parchment) on a peel and transfer to a hot stone. After baking 5–10 minutes, carefully pull out the parchment and finish baking the pizza on the stone.

How do you remove pizza from a pizza stone?

Pull the peel towards you while letting the pizza gently slide onto the stone. You can use the peel to remove the cooked pizza from the oven, but it’s trickier to do that than it is to place a pizza on the stone. It’s recommended to use the peel (or a metal spatula) to slide the pizza from the stone onto your peel.

How do you clean an aluminum pizza peel?

For the aluminum peel, you would need to just dip it into the water and for every quarter of the water used, you would need to add two tablespoons of tartar cream and a half cup of vinegar. You will be boiling the water for about 10 minutes and after boiling remove the peel from the hot water and pour the cleaner.